Invity Unlocks Global Expansion with Marmeto

Explore how Invity partnered with Marmeto to cut operational costs, enable multi-currency checkout, and achieve global expansion with BigCommerce. Experience increased sales and streamlined operations for sustainable growth.


Invity, founded in 2022, embarked on a remarkable journey with an ambitious mission: to revolutionize human lifespan by harnessing the power of scientific exploration in phytochemistry and nutrition. Located in Singapore, this pioneering company brings together a community of scientists dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of metabolic pathways such as NAD, Sirtuin, and AMPK within the human body. From the farm to the capsule, Invity maintains unwavering control, ensuring the utmost efficacy and safety of their products. 

Invity faced significant challenges in expanding globally and implementing a multi-currency checkout system. High transaction costs, technical limitations, and the need for multiple apps to support their online operations were impeding their growth. To address these issues, Invity decided to partner with Marmeto, a renowned e-commerce solutions provider. This case study explores how Marmeto helped Invity overcome its challenges and achieve remarkable results using the BigCommerce platform.