A Shopify Plus Solution

Custom Quiz to Drive Interactions and Boost Sales

Engage with your customers to offer personalization and meet their expectations.

Builds trust and fosters brand loyalty based on personalized experience.

Captures attention more efficiently than static content.

It makes online shopping more accessible and less time-consuming.

Attracts new customers when shared on social media.

The Problem

There are over 2 billion online shoppers globally for apparel, home goods, electronics, and more. Yet there’s a significant discrepancy between the average conversion rate for traditional brick-and-mortar stores (around 20-40%) and online conversion rates (around 2.86%).

Customer engagement is one of the most critical challenges for online retailers today. When potential customers step into a brick-and-mortar store, the store creates opportunities to engage their interests and prioritize their specific expectations and needs.

The store’s sales and retail associates support the shopper by providing those experiences. Likewise, even the minutest changes to store layout and visual merchandising increase accessibility and facilitate conversion in traditional stores.

In contrast, the continuous efforts to build positive, personalized experiences - which is what online customers want - are found lacking in most online experiences.

Customers tend to leave the website without a purchase just because they cannot settle on the right product mainly because:

- The navigation is too complex.
- It's difficult to compare alternatives.
- They do not have clear preferences.

As a result, customers cannot make quick, easy purchase decisions.

Creating a custom quiz for your online store can help you personalize shopping experiences, making it easier for your customers to find more relevant products!

The Solution

As per studies:

- 80% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers them personalized experiences.
- 92% of online shoppers were influenced to buy products based on customized shopping cart recommendations.
- 74% of online customers expressed frustration when the website content was not personalized.

The data sends out a clear signal to e-commerce stores that moving ahead, personalization is key to driving business growth. This is especially relevant in the apparel, footwear, lifestyle, and electronics industries, where customer support can be a tremendous asset for online shoppers searching for quality materials and products that match their style preferences and body types.

At Marmeto, we recognized this opportunity that e-commerce stores have today, and created a custom solution on Shopify that helps you capitalize on it. By working on the home page of your Shopify store, the solution gathers inputs from website visitors via an embedded quiz and generates automated product recommendations. The takeaway is a much more personalized shopping experience for your customers, making them feel that their opinions count!

How Does This Feature Work?

We can help implement Marmeto’s custom-online quiz solution on your Shopify e-commerce store.

Marmeto offers a user-friendly solution on the Shopify platform to help you conveniently build a customized quiz for your e-commerce site.

The quizzes are simple, straightforward, and interactive. Similar to a dedicated salesperson at a regular store, the quiz will engage your customers, guiding them from ‘start to cart’ so they can find exactly what they want.

While enabling your customers to take control of their buying experience, the quiz will put forth a series of questions for them. Every customer is unique in terms of their preferences and requirements. Therefore, once the customer responds to your first set of questions, the quiz will begin asking more specific questions targeted to their needs.

When the customer attempts the quiz, the relevant set of products pre-selected by you (based on the various quiz options) are curated and presented to your customer. It may also include a short story explaining why the products have been suggested.

Why Do We Need It?

Very often, even after having invested significant time and money in driving traffic to your website, you may find yourself trying to understand such a low percentage of your visitors end up purchasing your store. After all, the cost per acquisition isn’t cheap across digital channels, and the low ROI on your marketing spend makes it difficult to explain your spending on traffic acquisition.

The fact is that customers are often unsure about the products they view on a site. Quizzes help you overcome barriers to sales by supporting your customer in finding what they are looking for. In addition, this intervention helps increase the conversion rate among users who take the quiz compared to those who do not.

Furthermore, by helping customers make confident choices, targeted quizzes allow you to drive sales, generate product feedback, and gain actionable customer insights about your customer profile. It helps you know the variables that support repeat purchases and brand loyalty in the long term.

Data-driven analytics enables you to make calculated decisions regarding target ads for your unique shopper segments and implement higher ROI marketing campaigns to increase conversion rates.

Quizzes are also excellent for building your email list and recovering abandoned carts through quizzes sent to customer inboxes with personalized emails containing product recommendations.

Online quizzes vary from profound classroom assessments to light-natured engagement on social media. For your ecommerce business, however, quizzes play a critical role in enhancing customer experience and helping drive your business growth.


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