A Shopify Plus Solution

Mobile Number OTP Verification on COD Orders to Reduce Returns!

Reduce RTO on your ecommerce store by eliminating fake / accidental orders and re-confirming the purchase intent!

Reduce Order Returns

Filter out Fake / Fraudulent Orders

Collect Verified Customer Information

Reduce Operational Costs

The Problem

As the ecommerce market grows exponentially, more and more ecommerce businesses are trying to break out of the market saturation through innovative customer acquisition. In India, a large number of new customer acquisition consists of an audience that is reluctant or sceptical about making online payments. It could be a lack of trust or credibility or simply or an inertia that stops them from making payments online. In such situations, Cash On Delivery orders act as great enablers!

Where COD orders make for 70% of ecommerce business orders, the average return rate for ecommerce business is upto 40% in some cases! This leads to operational and logistical losses in addition to loss of product on occasion!

This is where our Mobile OTP verification for COD solution comes in!

The Solution

Brands need new customers to scale. And acquiring new customers with only prepaid payment methods is a difficult and expensive task. New customers are always looking forward to minimizing online payment risks. In this scenario, Cash On Delivery steps in as the perfect savior!

However, for your ecommerce store, it’s important to keep Order returns to the minimum. The only way to do this is to filter out fake or fraudulent orders, accidental orders and orders which have a very low purchase and a very high return intent. With our solution, you can filter out and eliminate fake / fraudulent orders and indecisive buyers with a simple Mobile Number OTP Verification.

How Does This Feature Work?

This solution can only be custom-built on Shopify Plus websites.

A normal Shopify store has a 3-step checkout process. Our 2-step checkout process shortens this. The Mobile Number OTP Verification is built on the first i.e., the information page of the checkout. 

This solution validates if the phone number added by the customer is correct or not. When a customer fills in the phone number in the information section, the system sends an OTP to that number and the customer has to fill that OTP to unlock the next steps towards checkout. If a customer puts in the correct OTP, only then are they allowed to place an order. 

Why Do We Need It?

Mobile Number Verification with OTP for COD orders, largely affects RTO returns. We found that in case of COD orders, the percentage of RTO orders can be as high as 40 percent!

This means that for most ecommerce brands, one out of 3 orders were failed orders and returns. Upon a closer one realises how this ratio can potentially damage a business’s bottom line!

These cancelled orders are due to either of these reasons:
- Price sensitive intent
- Customer error
- Impulse buying without paying
- Intent to fraud
- Transitory addresses

In order to get the RTO returns under control, Mobile Number OTP verification proves to be an excellent solution!


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