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Salesforce to Shopify migration

Salesforce is good when it comes to ecommerce but it will always be second best. Switch to Shopify Plus for non-stop innovation, up to 36% higher conversion, and a commerce partner for life.

Why should you start the migration from Salesforce to Shopify

As platform expenses soar and flexibility remains limited, more and more brands are exploring alternatives to Salesforce Commerce Cloud's outdated digital commerce solution. These brands are increasingly dissatisfied with the slow and expensive development processes that hinder their growth. Instead, they are in pursuit of a highly scalable platform that not only empowers but also accelerates their expansion efforts.

For a considerable number of Salesforce Commerce Cloud users, Shopify Plus emerges as the ideal solution, primarily due to its adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and remarkable speed-to-value proposition. Notably, esteemed brands like The Cambridge Satchel Company, Fenty Beauty, and Crabtree & Evelyn have already made the switch from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Plus, reaping the rewards of these advantages.

Rapid Product Development in Action at Shopify

Buyer preferences evolve as swiftly as the technology driving them. Staying competitive in the market requires a platform that backs its product with tangible efforts. This entails having a robust and transparent roadmap featuring continuous product releases and refinements.

When it comes to the pace of development, no other e-commerce company rivals Shopify, and the commitment to progress is unwavering.

There’s a reason brands are completing the migration from Salesforce to Shopify . What’s keeping you?

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Initiate your project within the set timeline and budget

Speed is our strength. A user-friendly backend enables rapid implementation on Shopify Plus for standard configurations in just a matter of months. Launch swiftly and maintain that pace across all aspects: initial setup, pioneering social integrations and channels, utilization of Shopify APIs and SDKs, and customization of themes.

Hear from the experts

"Since the migration from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Plus, we’ve reduced our total cost of ownership by 64%. We’re spending less and driving sales more efficiently. It’s the best of both worlds."
Kevin MogyorosCOO and CFO, MZ Wallace

SlamJam had 50% lower setup and running costs compared to Salesforce.

"By completing the migration to Shopify Plus, we’ve built a foundation that lets us focus on growth: expanding into international markets, deploying in-store and pop-up retail experiences, and optimizing our tech stack performance with developers in the Shopify ecosystem"

Mustang SurvivalJoshua HoroshokVice President, Recreation Category

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Shopify Plus enhances conversions by offering robust features like personalized customer experiences, responsive mobile design, and a streamlined checkout process. It enables A/B testing and integrates with various marketing tools for data-driven optimization. Its reliable and scalable infrastructure ensures fast load times, reducing bounce rates. Additionally, Shopify Plus supports multi-channel sales, allowing businesses to reach customers wherever they shop. The platform also provides advanced analytics and reporting, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and refine their strategies. Overall, Shopify Plus empowers businesses to create a user-friendly, high-performance e-commerce environment that fosters trust and encourages customers to complete purchases, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

Migrating from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify can reduce costs significantly in several ways. Shopify offers a more cost-effective pricing structure with lower monthly fees, transaction costs, and maintenance expenses. Additionally, Shopify's user-friendly interface and extensive app ecosystem reduce the need for extensive developer support, further cutting down on operational costs. Shopify's robust hosting infrastructure eliminates the need for separate hosting services, saving on hosting fees. Moreover, the migration process itself can be more cost-efficient compared to maintaining complex integrations and customizations in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Overall, the transition to Shopify streamlines operations and reduces the total cost of ownership for e-commerce businesses.

Indeed, your Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system seamlessly integrates with Shopify Plus, whether through an application or a tailored integration constructed by leveraging the APIs of both platforms

Shopify Plus stands as the premier e-commerce platform globally, enabling businesses to connect with a larger customer base, boost conversion rates, and rapidly expand. The world's most pioneering brands, such as Jigsaw, Huel, and Gymshark, opt for Shopify Plus for their most significant sales events.

Shopify drives more than 10% of e-commerce in the United States and has facilitated transactions exceeding half a trillion dollars, all while empowering millions of businesses to maintain complete control over their brand, clientele, and data. Additionally, Commerce Components by Shopify, a modern and adaptable stack for enterprise retail, grants major brands access to our extensively scaled infrastructure and flexible APIs. These APIs seamlessly integrate with intricate backend systems, fostering extraordinary customer experiences engineered for optimal conversion rates.

The minimum cost for a Shopify Plus license is $2,000 per month, which grants you the ability to establish up to nine expansion stores. Many businesses leverage these expansion stores to set up shops in various countries and languages. When calculating your monthly expenses, remember that these extra expansion stores come at no additional cost. These supplementary stores can effectively reduce your monthly fee when you allocate the $2,000 across these diverse websites.

Shopify Plus incorporates a self-scaling infrastructure that automatically adjusts to changing demands. This dynamic system efficiently allocates server resources in real-time, ensuring consistent website performance, even during traffic surges. It eliminates manual intervention, reducing operational overhead and costs. With Shopify Plus, businesses can confidently handle unexpected spikes in traffic, optimizing customer experiences and minimizing downtime. This self-scaling capability allows for seamless growth, enabling e-commerce businesses to focus on strategic development rather than infrastructure management.

Yes, Shopify is highly customizable for large brands. Shopify Plus, specifically designed for enterprises, offers extensive customization options. Brands can tailor their online stores with custom themes, unique branding, and personalized features. The platform supports advanced API integrations, enabling large brands to connect with their existing systems seamlessly. Additionally, Shopify's app ecosystem provides access to a wide range of tools for further customization and optimization. Its scalability ensures that as a brand grows, Shopify can accommodate increased traffic, orders, and complexity. Overall, Shopify offers the flexibility and resources necessary for large brands to create a unique and tailored e-commerce experience.

Yes, many big brands use Shopify Plus for their e-commerce needs. Some notable examples include:

  • Tesla: The renowned electric vehicle manufacturer uses Shopify Plus to sell its merchandise and accessories.
  • Kylie Cosmetics: Kylie Jenner's cosmetics brand leverages Shopify Plus for its e-commerce operations.
  • Heinz: The global food giant uses Shopify Plus for its direct-to-consumer e-commerce store.
  • Budweiser: The famous beer brand has a Shopify Plus-powered online store to sell its merchandise.
  • Allbirds: The sustainable footwear company relies on Shopify Plus to manage its e-commerce platform.

These examples demonstrate the trust that big brands place in Shopify Plus for their online sales and customer experiences.

What do we do?

With a team of over 150 developers and having done more than 20 migrations from high revenue generating stores across the globe our team understands the smallest details that might affect an efficient migration.


If you're considering a migration from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify, we offer expert consultation services. Our team specializes in seamless transitions, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration process that maximizes your e-commerce potential.


Our team specializes in UI/UX optimization during Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify migration. We ensure a seamless transition while enhancing your website's user interface and user experience.

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Our team excels in development for Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify migration. We bring technical expertise to ensure a successful transition, tailored to your business needs.

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Post Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify migration, our maintenance services ensure your online store continues to run smoothly. We handle updates, optimizations, and ongoing support, allowing you to focus on growth.

Some of the biggest brands are with us!

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Don't take our word for it

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“I never imagined we can get to this amount of work done and reach the level we are at today with our website within days of talking about it. The sheer dedication and work calibre is awesome!”

Shreyansh Mehta
Head of growth and strategy

"They are extremely approachable at any time of the day, any day of the year! They have a very clear understanding of the Shopify Platform and their approach to problem-solving is nothing short of confident."

Mehul Malviya
Head , Ecommerce and Strategy
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“Nothing is absolute 10/10 in this world, but Marmeto comes quite close with their level of expertise in Shopify. The feedback that I got for their work from within the industry matched our experience 100%. They’re definitely sound in their technical know-how. There is a high probability that we’ll recommend Marmeto to peers in the industry”

Venkat Raman
Chief Information Officer
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“The first project that we initiated with Marmeto gave us a sense of how Marmeto operates and how methodical they are. We loved how proactive the team was. On occasion Indranath has also answered our calls post midnight and managed to solve problems in a very quick turnaround time! Now we’re starting another new project with Marmeto. I think this is testament to how good our experience was with them!”

Pritish Asher
Co Founder
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“ Our experience with Marmeto has been great! We’ve worked with partner agencies in the past but this has been the smoothest journey! They’ve been patient, and understanding and helped us understand tech the way no one did. The best part is that Saurav and Shashwat have been involved in day to day operations and it's very rare to see that a services company is so particular on so many different levels.”

Vaishali Gupta
Co Founder

Embracing Efficiency Over Complexity

Why allocate a significant portion of your resources to handling cumbersome, antiquated technology? It's only impeding your progress and preventing your development and design teams from crafting stunning, immersive digital experiences. Discover the liberty of creative experimentation while entrusting the backend technology to Shopify.