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We build exceptional digital experiences that accelerate conversions

At Marmeto, we’re not just an ecommerce agency; we’re architects of growth for ecommerce brands.

With a focus on digital transformation and a deep specialization in ecommerce, we pave the way for your brand’s success.

Whether you’re launching your ecommerce store or looking for ongoing optimization, our approach revolves around nurturing genuine connections between you and your customers with the objective of growing your ecommerce store.

A Five Step Proven Process

At Marmeto, we follow a streamlined and structured approach to understand your business needs and create a tailored roadmap and Scope of Work (SOW). Our 5-step process ensures every detail is covered, from the initial conversation to the final plan. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect
  • Let’s Get Started: Discovery Call

    We kick things off by diving into your business world. A collaborative chat, some research, and defining the plan – that’s how we begin. We’ll have a meeting with your key players to talk about goals, figure out potential challenges, and introduce our team.
  • Building the Blueprint

    Once we know your goals and what could possibly get in the way, we make a roadmap and list down all the stuff your eCommerce business needs. A detailed list of essential requirements is compiled, presented to you through a comprehensive engagement guide. This guide dissects various components of your eCommerce business. Preparing for these engagements is imperative, as we schedule focused calls to extensively explore each aspect, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • Picture the Solutions

    Our journey includes the creation of two sets of solution diagrams: one depicting the current state and the other envisioning the future state. The current state diagram provides a comprehensive understanding of your eCommerce infrastructure, including data and customer flows. As we near the conclusion of the Discovery phase, the future state diagram takes shape, aligning with the outlined Discovery roadmap.
  • Technical Evaluation

    Simultaneously, our internal teams collaborate with platform and system partners to ascertain all technical requirements essential for achieving the established business goals. This involves direct engagement with platforms and third-party solutions integral to your project, ensuring a thorough understanding and documentation of technical considerations.
  • Plan in Place: Scope of Work (SOW)

    Once we’ve got all the info, we put it together in a plan – the Scope of Work (SOW). This document serves as a deliverable for your review, accompanied by estimates for each activity necessary to execute the work. Following your approval, we progress to the subsequent phase, wherein the delivery team executes the detailed Scope of Work

Store Design & Development

We create exceptional ecommerce stores that not only captivate your audience but also narrate your brand's unique story. Our team excels in designing and developing high performing ecommerce stores that instill trust, drive conversions, and foster customer loyalty. From the initial engagement to conversion and beyond, each interaction is meticulously crafted to cultivate a loyal customer base while achieving your business objectives. Through our web development expertise and capabilities, you have full control over your storefront. We’re not limited by any themes - we can build you an experience that is perfectly suited to your business needs.


Ecommerce Store UI/UX
Shopify/ BigCommerce Theme-Based Development
Custom Shopify Development
Custom BigCommerce  Development

Our Work

Platform Migration

We understand how pivotal is ecommerce platform in your business's success. As your business evolves, your platform must evolve with it. We specialize in seamlessly migrating ecommerce platforms, ensuring your ecommerce store remains at the forefront of innovation and functionality.

We assess and identify the platform best suited to your unique needs and objectives. With our expertise in platform migration, you retain complete control over your storefront, free from the limitations of pre-set themes. We build an experience tailored precisely to your business requirements, empowering you to enhance your online presence and achieve your ecommerce goals seamlessly.


Any platform > BigCommerce
Any platform > Shopify

Our Work

Custom Tech Stack & Feature Development

Every ecommerce business is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. We understand that off-the-shelf solutions may not always meet your specific business needs. That's where our custom tech stack and feature development expertise comes in.

Imagine you run a subscription-based ecommerce business and want to introduce personalized subscription plans based on customer preferences and behavior or expanding your ecommerce store to new international markets and needing multi-language & multi-currency support and seamless integration with local payment gateways. We are your go-to experts to bring your unique and custom ecommerce ideas to life. With our tailored solutions, you can differentiate your brand, enhance user experience, and drive business growth in today's very competitive ecommerce landscape.


Checkout Customisation 
Checkout Customisation 
Cloud Migration
Subscription Solutions
Loyalty Program
Custom Tech Stack
Operations Automation
Data Warehouse Solution

Our Work

  •  Migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus 28

Third-Party Integrations

Seamless integration with third-party applications is essential for maximizing the functionality and efficiency of your ecommerce store. We bridge the gap between your ecommerce platform and third-party solutions, ensuring smooth data exchange and optimal performance. Our team is proficient in integrating a wide range of third-party applications, including payment gateways, shipping solutions, customer support tools, and more.

Whether you need to streamline payment processing, automate order fulfillment, or enhance customer communication, we've got you covered. With our tailored third-party integration services, your ecommerce store and third-party apps will work hand in hand, exchanging data and operating in perfect harmony.


Payment Gateways
Shipping Solutions
Customer support tools

Our Work

App Design & Development

Our app development service is designed to provide seamless, high-performing mobile experience that resonate with your audience. We specialize in creating intuitive, user-friendly apps that not only reflect your brand's essence but also improve customer engagement and customer retention and build lasting customer loyalty.

We take a meticulous approach, considering every touchpoint from the first launch to ongoing interactions, ensuring a user journey that fosters brand affinity and achieves your business goals.

We leverage the latest technologies and best practices to craft native apps for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a flawless user experience tailored to each operating system. Our expertise extends beyond coding - we collaborate with you to design an intuitive and visually stunning interface that perfectly complements your brand identity.


iOS App Development
Android App Development
Cross Platform App Development

Our Work

 Digital Transformation

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead requires continuous transformation. Our comprehensive Ecommerce Digital Transformation services empower you to unlock your online potential and achieve sustainable growth.

We take a holistic approach, meticulously analyzing your current ecommerce ecosystem to identify areas for optimization. Our process involves:

Ecommerce Audit & Strategy: We assess your current tech stack, operations, and customer journey to identify areas for improvement.

Scalability Roadmap: We craft a personalized strategy that ensures your ecommerce infrastructure can handle future growth.

Ecommerce platform selection: We guide you in choosing the platform that best aligns with your needs and growt Streamlined tech stack: We integrate best-in-class solutions to create a seamless and unified system.

Infrastructure Audit and Implementation: Evaluating and implementing robust infrastructure to support your digital transformation.

Commerce Architecture Building: Developing a unified and seamless ecommerce architecture.

Customer journey refinement: We craft a frictionless customer journey that fosters loyalty and drives conversions.

By the end of our transformation process, you'll have a streamlined and efficient online presence with integrated systems and a proper funnel, enabling your business to thrive in the digital age. Our innovative solutions ensure that you stay ahead in the competitive ecommerce landscape.


Ecommerce Audit & Strategy
Scalability Roadmap
Ecommerce platform selection
Streamlined tech stack
Infrastructure Audit and Implementation
Commerce Architecture Building
Customer journey refinement

Our Work

  •  Migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus 28

Case Study

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the most ambitious eCommerce brands all over the globe, leveraging our deep experience of consistently accelerating our clients growth. Check out our case studies for a few of our recent success stories.

What our Clients are saying.

We grow when you continue to grow! Find out why India's best brands choose Marmeto.
  • Ravi Shrivas Manager- Ecommerce, Ample.
    "l think the experience has been really good so far. The team is quite accommodating towards our ask and requests as well. "
  • Taran Chhabra Founder, Neeman's
    We haven't met any agency that places so much emphasis on delivering comfort and user-friendliness, it delights us to work with Marmeto, an organization that is so user-friendly to us.
  • Kapil Mittal Chief of Business Strategy
    "Once we began work with Marmeto, the deadline for expected go-live was set at 2.5 months. But the team delivered the entire work in a span of 48-50 days only! This helped change my perception of working with an agency as opposed to hiring a team in-house."
  • Shreyansh Mehta Strategic Initiatives
    "The Marmeto team has exceeded all our expectations and given us solutions that were not even in their scope of work."
  • Pallavi Utagi Co-Founder, Superbottoms
    We haven't met any agency till now that was this positive! They're collaborative, open. knowledgeable, and honest! "
  • Shobhit Gupta Head- MPL Sports
    "I liked the approachability. professionalism. and commitment at Marmeto"
  • Siddharth Purohit Founder, Aazol
    The relationship that Marmeto has been able to cultivate with us, has provided the foundation of what will be a long-term association
  • Chirag Gupta Founder, 4700BC
    Marmeto has a good team that understands the nature of problems and creates solutions quickly . They are very well versed with the Shopify ecosystem and know their stuff!
  • Pragya Batra Co-Founder, Quirksmith
    It always seems like a black box and people don't seem to share enough to make you comfortable as a business owner. But Saurav and Shashwat did that really well."
  • Nitin Mehrotra Founder, Dressfolk
    One of the best things I liked working with Marmeto is the responsiveness. The team is always available. I know I can just call them right away!
  • Sujata Pawar & Apurv Agarwal Co-founders, My Avni
    It's difficult to sum it up in one sentence. But if I had to, I'd say that I'm very impressed with the work that the Marmeto team has done!
  • Ketan Munoth Co-Founder, Plush for her
    They understand Shopify and as we are completely built on Shopify. their knowledge ecomes paramount to our website's success!
  • Priyanka Subramanian Co Founder, Melio
    Once we started working with Marmeto, it was a smooth journey from then on. We always felt that the folks at Marmeto know what they're doing and are experts at it!
  • Mehul Malviya Head of Ecommerce & Strategy Management
    "With Sri Sri Tattva, we used a clear communication strategy to help build Mehul's and Sri Sri Tattva's trust in us."
  • Mr. Venkat Raman CIO, MTR Foods
    "Nothing is absolute 10/10 in this world, but Marmeto comes quite close with their level of expertise in Shopify. They're definitely sound in their technical know-how!.
  • Shubham Marhatta Brand & Communication
    "It was only after Marmeto that we have been able to do this and help drive sales through our website."
  • Raghav Jhawar & Muskaan Sacheti Founders, The State Plate
    The technical capabilities and design perspective at Marmeto were really good. Timelines were on point They were organized. professional and timely throughout the project!
  • Vaishali Gupta Head of Brand Marketing
    "Our experience with Marmeto has been great! They've been patient, and helped us understand tech the way no one did.
  • Yogesh Kabra Founder, XYXX Apparels
    "If I had to sum up our experience with Marmeto in a sentence, I'd say - High ownership, high trust. Saurav or the team is not driven by money. What I mean by that is, they always prioritize that which is in the consumer's best interest."
  • Pritesh Asher Co-Founder, Juicy Chemistry
    "We loved how proactive and methodical the team was. On occasion Indranath has Iso answered our calls post midnight and anaged to solve problems in a very quick turnaround time!"
  • Shauravi Malik Co-Founder, Slurrp Farm
    I think it's rare to find an agency that delivers exactly what they say they will, and really cares for the customer along the journey. Marmeto does both. On occasion, they go above and beyond while prioritizing their customer!
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