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What is Shopify Plus?

Let’s understand Shopify first.
Shopify is one of the world’s fastest growing ecommerce platforms today. It powers over 1,700,000 businesses online and is one of the most liked website builders as is evident by its growth in the past couple of years. It provides an end-to-end commerce platform that helps you start, grow and manage a business. On Shopify you can build an online store in under one hour! Just pick up one of their numerous store themes (free and paid options), list your products, choose the payment gateways, link your social media accounts and get cracking!

Shopify has 5 plans that fall into different pricing tiers for store owners - Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Shopify, Shopify Advanced & Shopify Plus in order of least to most expensive.

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s premium plan. It’s an enterprise solution for the rapidly growing brands. In simple words, it’s the Godfather of the Shopify family. It knows everything and does everything, better, faster and more.

It was launched in 2014 to give hyper growth businesses a customizable enterprise solution, without the high cost of time, money, and development. However, it became available to the Indian market in 2020 as Shopify set sun on Shopify Gold, a premium plan that was launched back in 2017 exclusively for the Indian market.

Currently it powers 10,000+ brands in 175+ countries.

When should you make the leap to Shopify Plus?

When you hit the $1million mark
In our experience of working with 150+ Shopify Plus brands, once a business hits the $1-2million mark in revenue, Shopify Plus turns out to be a good choice for further website customizations, especially those essential Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

When your business is in a hyper growth stage.
The other Shopify plans work like a charm in the nascent stage for any business. But as the growth momentum hits, complex technological challenges involving functionality emerge. In most cases, these challenges have a direct bearing on the marketing plan and in-turn the revenue. Shopify Plus gives more freedom and control over APIs, integrations and customizations. In our experience, most startups with a Series-A funding, going heavy on burn benefit largely from the Shopify Plus offerings.

If you’re looking for an Omnichannel solution
Brands who’re willing to offer an integrated shopping experience to their customers through various channels and platforms, need to make the switch to Shopify Plus for it’s robust Omnichannel functionalities.

If you’re a legacy brand.
Amongst our most recent achievements was the migration of Blackberrys, to Shopify Plus. Additionally, large corporations like ITC and Orient are also powered by Shopify Plus. Many large enterprises function on legacy softwares even today. This poses a huge security risk in addition to incompatibility with the new evolving technology. Shopify Plus offers an enterprise solution that needs no updates and offers great flexibility from an integration perspective.

Advantages of Shopify Plus

The Shopify Plus plan offers unlimited bandwidth enabling the store to handle huge traffic influxes. Plus stores can handle upto 4 million hits per second and 99.99% uptime and process up to 6,000 checkouts (orders) per minute. This comes along with a 200TB storage for the store. This makes Shopify Plus one of the most reliable platforms for hosting a high traffic brand store!

Expanding your brand presence and scaling up (especially globally) brings along it’s unique set of challenges. Shopify Plus makes this transition easy for you. You can create up to 12 different stores, or instances, to cater to different markets and languages. This comes along with unlimited staff accounts for multiple team members. The Plus plan enables high traffic optimization with apps like Launchpad- that allows you to schedule,coordinate, and execute major commerce events in advance. Speaking of apps, the higher API limit lets you cohesively integrate multiple apps without a shred of worry! All these features coupled with a transaction fee as low as 0.15%makes this a steal deal.

Automation & Control
It’s no secret that Shopify offers the most stunning and customizable themes for it’s online stores. However, Shopify Plus goes a step further and grants control over checkout customizations letting merchants offer a more personalised checkout experience. The Plus plan also gives access to the Script Editor App that allows developers to write customized scripts that are hosted by Shopify.The path to scaling and expansion makes “automation” a critical operational aspect.The Shopify Flow App lets you build workflows to automate tasks, campaigns and processes within the store and across apps. Flow lets merchants experiment with a variety of automations that may lead to increased productivity.

Extended Support
A premium membership sure comes with a set of premium perks! For instance, a wholesale channel for merchants that cater to wholesale buyers with the same products as listed on your online store! A success manager dedicated to assisting merchants with different aspects of the platform. 24/7 support and assistance on various key areas ranging from design modifications to custom integrations to reaching business goals. For the DIY enthusiasts, Shopify Plus Academy grants exclusive access to premium plan owners for quick and practical lessons as well as comprehensive courses. For more organic help, the Shopify Plus Community works wonders to help you identify the right path. For those who prefer to leave it to the most experienced, Shopify Plus Partners who specialise in custom-built solutions for Shopify stores are at your service.

Shopify Plus Features

Here an exhaustive list of the most important Shopify Plus features & factors:

Onboarding & Support
- Dedicated Success Manager: Define a path to your goals and receive the training and support to get there.
- Launchpad: Plan and organize a flash sale or product launch by managing high-volume traffic.
- Organization Admin: Manage multiple stores at the organizational level from a single location.
- Unlimited staff accounts: Onboard an unlimited number of employees and gain more control with additional permission settings.

In-built features
- Processing Power: Handle more than 10,000 transactions per minute with no load errors.
- Unified Dashboard: Use a single management dashboard for all your tools, apps, and permissions.
- Analytics Dashboard: Along with a detailed dashboard, enjoy the patronage of leading analytics companies to guide you.
- Wholesale Management: Create a separate B2B website from your Shopify account.
- Bulk Account Inviter: Invite your customers in bulk to activate their accounts.

Exclusive Shopify Plus Apps
- Script Editor: Incorporate custom scripts into your Shopify website.
- Transporter: Import customer, product, and order records into your Shopify store.
- Higher API limits: Integrate several apps without exceeding your API restrictions.
- Shopify Flow: Custom solutions, processes, and pre-built templates that turn repetitive tasks into automated workflows. Automate merchant, order, and inventory management to facilitate superior buyer experience.
- Mobile Store Builder: Create iOS and Android apps even if you have no technical skills.

Pricing & Payments
- Lower Transaction Fees: at 0.15% in Plus (

- Partner Program: Get access to certified service and app partners across all verticals and for all business needs.
- Plus Academy: Take advantage of free online business training from the best in the industry.

Shopify Plus Pricing and Transaction Fees

Shopify has 5 plans to choose from.

Shopify Lite
- $9 per month

Basic Shopify
- $29 per month (Third Party Transactional Fees 2%)

- $79 per month (Third Party Transactional Fees 1%)

Advanced Shopify
- $299 per month (Third Party Transactional Fees 0.5%)

Shopify Plus
- $2,000 USD a month for standard setups and integrations.
- Variable fee option for higher volume business structures.
- Zero transaction fee when you use Shop Pay (+ 18% higher conversions and a 60% faster checkout).
- 0.15% per transaction for a third-party payment processor.

Custom Built Solutions for Shopify Plus

Marmeto develops ecommerce solutions for Shopify Plus merchants globally. We specialise in Shopify Plus development, integrations and building enterprise solutions. Our team of Marmetians also has experience building Shopify apps and our expertise lies in building custom solutions for Shopify Plus websites.

Here are some examples of custom solutions we’ve built for various Shopify Plus stores:

- Pin Code Validation
- Single Click Discount
- Two-Step Checkout
- Prepaid Incentivization through Discounts
- Cart Upsell / Cross-sell
- Vendor Eligibility
- Offer Carousel… and the list goes on…

Shopify Plus - FAQs

No, the Shopify Plus features can only be accessed with the complete Shopify Plus plan that starts at $2,000 USD per month.

A primary store and 9 expansion stores are included in your monthly Shopify plus plan. You can use these to create stores in varying countries and languages. Additional stores cost $250 USD per month.

Leading commerce experts offer in-depth courses, live online workshops, and more to help you upskill and gather niche knowledge.

The Shopify Plus apps and partner ecosystem offer you 6,600+ apps on the Shopify App Store, 195+ Shopify Plus partners, and 50+ Shopify Plus certified apps.

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