Users’ Comfort Matters Most - From Buying Shoes to Wearing Them

Users’ Comfort Matters Most - From Buying Shoes to Wearing Them

A ‘Made in India’ footwear brand committed to comfort

A brand that wears its ‘Made in India’ badge with pride, Neeman’s footwear products are designed for universal use - gender no bar - and meticulously crafted with comfort at the core of the design process.

Neeman’s goal is to #ChangeTheNorm internationally, and this ethos has been the brand’s guiding force at every stage, from product development to delivery and returns. As a result, Neeman’s footwear is comfortable, lightweight, and uses sustainable manufacturing and packaging processes.

In fact, Neeman’s is so passionate about setting new norms for excellence and comfort that, per its 7-day trial policy, customers can request an exchange or return the shoes for a full refund, no questions asked! But, of course, all this just proves the brand’s commitment to ensuring that every user is delighted with their purchase.

New beginnings inspired by opportunities to enhance customer experience

Our journey with Neeman’s began in Feb 2022, when our Co-Founder, Saurav personally connected with Taran Chhabra, Founder at Neeman’s.

True to spirit, Neeman’s fundamental expectation from Marmeto was a partnership that fully understood their culture of excellence through mindful ways of enhancing comfort.

Mehul  Rawat, Growth Manager at Neeman’s, explains, “We noticed that slow page speeds interfered with the smooth online experiences that we wanted to offer our shoppers. Therefore, we highlighted this opportunity for immediate improvement at the very onset.

We also discussed the need to improve checkout percentage and increase conversion rates. Another area that we wanted to push the envelope further was the comfort and convenience for shoppers on our website.”

Here was a unique Indian brand so absolutely committed to customer satisfaction. It inspired us to bring out the best of our skills and support Neeman’s vision of ‘changing the norm’ through relevant, straightforward, result-oriented enhancements!

From simple to complex

At Marmeto, we went into a huddle. To begin with, we set up a team that would be able to assimilate Neeman’s essence and harmonize it at our base camp.

Team in place, PoCs established. Next, we started identifying the long and short-term tasks, working our way from simple to complex tangles.

Neeman’s highlighting of page speeds was the starting point. Speed, as we know, is essential for a good SEO ranking, and even Google has made it a vital ranking factor. In fact, 79% of customers “unhappy” with a site’s performance are less likely to purchase from that site again. Knowing the major turnoff that slow page speeds, having encountered it at one time or another, our first task was clear.

We began implementing corrections to enhance the web page speed while eliminating overall clutter from the backend of the website. This notably improved the page speeds, following which we advanced to the next stage.

This multi-pronged approach involved assessing factors affecting the website’s UI/UX. Both teams collaborated, leveraging domain-driven designs and sustainable improvements based on which we were able to enhance the site’s aesthetics and usability. This further helped us boost conversion rates and improve the percentage of successful checkouts.

Proactive, not reactive

Having partnered with Neeman’s, we’d like to believe that we could do as much because of a very supportive client team that appreciated our proactive approach and supported us wholeheartedly.

When we asked Mehul his views on Marmeto’s key strengths, his reassuring reply was - processes, systems, and responsiveness. 

In fact, Mehul recalled one such instance where we were able to successfully #ChangeTheNorm by simplifying the checkout process. 

Since Neeman’s offers free delivery, the ‘shipping’ stage - which is a part of a typical checkout process - was seemingly redundant. Aware that even one step lesser in the checkout process can drive an incremental increase in website conversions, Marmeto efficiently deployed its very own custom solution of the 2-Step Checkout  on Neeman’s checkout pages. 

By hiding the Shipping page and moving straight into the Payment page, we effectively reduced one step in the Checkout process, thereby taking customers right from ‘information’ to ‘payment,’ in a simple 2-step checkout funnel.

Thus by eliminating the shipping stage, Marmeto successfully simplified the checkout process further, making shopping more convenient and less time-consuming.

When it comes to responsiveness, well, indeed, every challenge inspires us. Through the years, we have witnessed countless times the good sense in acting before a situation becomes a source of crisis or confrontation. So, in addition to the calls from our developers, regular independent feedback calls by our Merchant Success team to Neeman’s ensured the typical transparent reporting framework in Marmeto. Even better, it has been the bedrock of our client-agency relationship.

A question we love asking! 

Well, we do ask many questions, but that’s just our way of diving deep and picking up cues that can help us do the right thing, then again, more effectively! Guess it stems from our passion for delivering on our promises throughout the journey, and seeing our client’s responsibility as our own.

One of our all-time favorites, we pitched Mehul for honest feedback on his experience working with our rather lively bunch. Here’s how he very matter-of-factly explained it, “Neeman’s is centered about being user-friendly. We create quality products that are eco-friendly. For example, our footwear is sustainable, suitable for various occasions, gender-neutral, and offers maximum comfort and flexibility. Even our delivery and returns policy is designed for user-friendliness.”

“As a brand that places so much emphasis on delivering comfort and user-friendliness, it delights us to work with an organization that is so user-friendly to us. Over and above, the agile and versatile processes coupled with your team’s proactive approach have made it a very productive experience for Neeman’s,” adds Mehul.

Taking it a notch further

As our association with Neeman’s advances, we intend to continuously improvise, use knowledge-based leverage and an out-of-the-box way of thinking to facilitate an easy-to-use, straightforward website. In addition, we also envisage more insightful reporting and measuring frameworks. 

To sum it up, even the most elaborate plans can yield zilch if your client doesn’t believe in you. In contrast, the wonderful affirmation by Neeman’s team motivates us consistently and creatively to make the small changes that can make a big difference when the limelight beckons.