A Shopify Plus Solution

Increase Prepaid Conversions with
Discounts & Incentives at Order Checkout

Reduce COD orders & decrease your order return rate with our custom built "Prepaid Incentivization" feature on your Shopify Plus website.

Increase Prepaid Orders On Your Online Store

Reduce COD Orders Returns On Your Online Store

Reduce The Abandoned Cart Ratio On Your Website

Increase Brand Affinity And Delight The Consumer

The Problem

- Why is the abandoned cart rates so high on my Shopify ecommerce website?
- Why do are so many of our Cash On Delivery Orders getting returned?
- What can I do to boost sales and conversions on my Shopify ecommerce store?
- Why do I have so many session drops right at the payment stage in the checkout process?

Whether you have a Shopify website or a Shopify Plus store, chances are, you've been wondering about the same thing or else you wouldn't be here! The pandemic may have brought about the biggest digital shift in the Indian consumer's behaviour while shopping online. However, Cash on Delivery Orders still make for majority of Indian ecommerce brands' revenue. As is the nature of ecommerce, this is followed by a higher percentage of order returns and the logistic processes have proven to be quite loss making historically.

The ideal solution to this challenge is increasing the conversion rates for prepaid orders on your online store because a customer is likely to return a product once they've paid for it!

This is where our "Prepaid Incentivization" feature comes in for Shopify Plus Websites!

The Solution

The ecommerce market from a customer's viewpoint has always been more favorable to Cash On Delivery orders as compared to Prepaid Orders. However, for a growing brand, this is the Pandora's box of returns, cancellations, inventory management issues leading to overall huge loses. The answer is simple; incentivize consumers to place prepaid orders !

This is easier said than done. The transition is slow, the customers' lack of trust is evident and this in turn affects the Conversion Rate Optimisation, order shipments, returns, cancellations etc . Once a customer adds a product to their cart, and heads over to the Shopify checkout page, 81.08% of them will abandon the cart for various reasons.
Our customized Shopify Plus SOS Prepaid Incentivization solution helps increase checkouts and reduce returns by offering additional discounts to prepaid orders on Shopify.

The approach we use is to targets the customer's subconscious by offering them a little extra which in return helps increase the prepaid order shipment ratio to the COD purchases.

This feature does not require any disruptions in the buyer journey and works as a great last hook to convert the website visitor to a customer!

How Does This Feature Work?

This solution can only be custom-built on Shopify Plus websites.

The native Shopify checkout funnel includes 3 steps - Cart > Information > Payment.

This solution is deployed on the last leg of the funnel, i.e., the payment page. This is generally where most online consumers drop off. We start building trust for the consumers by giving them a passive hook in the form of additional discount on prepaid orders. This discount is auto-calculated once the prepaid method of payment is chosen!

Tip - Announcing this discount with the help of various banners on the product listing page as well as in the cart, subtly re-enforces the value proposition throughout the buyer journey.

Why Do We Need It?

Our customized Shopify Plus SOS Prepaid Incentivization solution primarily aids with increasing reducing order returns caused by Cash On Delivery Mode of payment. We've witnessed the biggest digital shift in the past 2 years. However, this hasn't affected the brand trust factor responsible for majority purchases. The discounts for prepaid payments act as the final trigger in elevating the buyer's journey with an unexpected reward in the form of a discount. This sub-conscious delight helps the customer associate to the brand with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, thereby building trust.

In a secondary capacity, this solution works as a great feature for increasing/improving conversion rates across the website. If you own a Shopify Plus store, you must tend to receive enormous volumes of orders per day. This feature works like a charm in cutting out unnecessary logistical losses and helps build brand affinity.


Prepaid Incentivization as seen on...

A simple and effective Prepaid Incentivization solution for Shopify Plus stores that is focused on
creating a great user experience for the customers as well as reducing COD order returns while increasing prepaid orders on the online store.

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