A Shopify Plus Solution

Reduce Cart Abandonment with
Single-Click Discount Coupons

Drive Incremental Sales & build customer loyalty with our custom built "Single-Click Discount" feature on your Shopify Plus website.

Driving Incremental Sales On Your Ecommerce Store

Reduced Abandoned Carts in the Checkout Process.

Increased Customer Acquisition

Increased Customer Loyalty and Brand Affinity

The Problem

- How do we increase the customer acquisition percentage?
- How do we reduce cart abandonment at checkout?
- What can I do to boost sales and conversions on my Shopify ecommerce store?
- How do we make a first-time consumer trust our website and brand?

In the ecommerce landscape, many-a-problems arise due to an ineffective or outdated checkout process. Did you know that checkout optimizations can increase conversions by 35%? In a price sensitive ecommerce market, deals and discounts do more than drive a sale. They drive human emotions responsible for creating a positive experience. A positivity that is projected onto the brand leading to Customer Loyalty because the new marketing funnel goes beyond just conversion. From Conversion To Retention and Loyalty!

Our "Single-Click Discount" solution is the first step to tackle these challenges move towards customer retention!

The Solution

Customers love a good bargain. In today's deep-discounting driven ecommerce world, 83 percent of shoppers said that coupon codes changed their behavior. 82% shoppers say that the redeem a digital coupon in less than a week while 46% shoppers abandon cart because a discount code does not work. The mere presence of a voucher can decrease cart abandonment rates. As many as 39% consumers claimed to have bought a product sooner than planned because of the coupon code.

With the rise of the smart consumer, brands need to look at establishing a deeper connect with the consumers. Beyond the transactional nature of supply & demand.Customer loyalty is greatly dependent on price sensitivity & brand affinity. Our Single-Click Discount Solution aims at tackling these challenges head on!

How Does This Feature Work?

This solution can only be custom-built on Shopify Plus websites.

The native Shopify checkout funnel includes 3 steps - Information > Shipping > Payment.

This solution is deployed on the first leg of the funnel, i.e., the information page. This is generally where most price sensitive online consumers & first-time buyers drop off. We start building trust for the consumers by giving them an automatic disount code that can be applied with a single click. This leaves customers feeling happy and accomplished (for having gotten a better deal with discount). On a single click, the discount instantly reflects in the total amount calculation!

Tip - Announcing this discount with the help of various banners on the home page as well as the product listing page, subtly re-enforces the value proposition throughout the buyer journey.

Why Do We Need It?

The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is 70%.
90% of consumers use coupons.
Checkout Optimizations can increase conversions by 35%.

With the ever-changing trends in e-commerce, the bargain hungry nature of a consumer has remained constant! Where cart abandonment rates average over 50% for most ecommerce stores, single-click discount coupons help drive incremental sales while increasing customer acquisition. Incentives like discounts create a positive shopping experience on the last leg of the buyer's journey (checkout process) and help increase consumer loyalty and increase brand affinity.


Single-Click Discount as seen on...

A simple and effective Single-Click Discount solution for Shopify Plus stores that is focused on 
increasing new customer acquisition, incremental revenue and to build brand trust & affinity on your online store.

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