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Reduce Checkout Abandonment with

Two step checkout feature!

Increase conversions by up to 35%& avoid checkout drops with our custom built "2-step checkout" feature on your Shopify Plus website.

Driving Incremental Sales On Your Ecommerce Store

Reduced Abandoned Carts in the Checkout Process

Increased Customer Acquisition

Increased Customer Loyalty and Brand Affinity

The Problem

- How do we increase the customer acquisition percentage?
- How do we reduce checkout abandonment?
- What can I do to boost sales and conversions on my Shopify Plus store?
- How do we capitalize on impulse purchases?

In the ecommerce landscape, many-a-problems arise due to an ineffective or outdated checkout process. Did you know that checkout optimizations can increase conversions by 35%? From unexpected additional fees to extensive form fields, from security concerns to lack of preferred payment methods, basic conventional checkout processes are riddled with friction leading to abandoned checkouts. Did you know that the average abandoned cart rate across industries is 70%? Which means, on an average only 30% of "Add-To-Cart" consumers take the next step towards "Checkout". With an unoptimized checkout, the chances of a purchase in this scenario are slim!

This is where our "2-Step Checkout" solution comes in!

The Solution

No matter how amazing your products are, if the checkout process is too long, you will see a relatively high checkout abandonment rate. Luckily, Shopify has a very neat checkout process that is divided into 3 steps. However, it can be optimized further.

Consider this - If only 30% "Add-To-Carts" on an average make it to checkout, the less the friction ahead, the more the chances of complete conversions. For a customer who has clicked "Checkout", contemplation on buying the product with a basic level on intent has started taking roots. At this stage, assuming you have no hidden costs or security issues, you'll find 2 types of buyers. Contemplative buyers & Impulsive / Impatient buyers. The former will not be very bothered with slight friction as long as there is a straightforward path. The latter however will react to the slightest discomfort in the checkout process and change their mind or get put off. For such a buyer, a lengthy checkout process is friction.

Our customized solution removes this friction and irons out the wrinkles by turning Shopify's 3-Step Checkout to 2-Step Checkout on your Shopify Plus website!

How Does This Feature Work?

This solution can only be custom-built on Shopify Plus websites.

The native Shopify checkout funnel includes 3 steps - Information > Shipping > Payment.

This solution is deployed on the checkout pages. We merge the Shipping info with the Payment page thereby eliminating one click in the process.  Our 2-step checkout funnel for Shopify Plus includes 2 steps - Information > Payment. One step lesser towards checkout = an incremental increase in website conversions.

Tip - Do make sure that there are no hidden shipping costs. This will help build brand trust & customer loyalty.

Why Do We Need It?

7 out of every 10 visitors leave checkout without completing their purchase. Checkout abandonment is a common challenge that ecommerce brands across the board struggle with. If you're having a hard time converting website visitors to buyers, you're not alone in this journey!

The average conversion rate is 2.86% globally. This number significantly reduces further with a lengthy and unoptimized checkout process. If the checkout process posses friction to the buyer, the chances of new customer acquisition and brand affinity decrease considerably.

The 2-step checkout process removes friction by making the checkout process more seamless at a very crucial stage in the purchase funnel.


2-Step Checkout as seen on...

A simple and effective 2-Step Checkout solution for Shopify Plus stores that is focused on 
reducing abandoned checkouts and increasing conversions & new customer acquisition on your online store.

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