Together Marmeto and Superkicks achieved
20% Increase in average page speed
10% Increase in revenue rate
10% Increase in sales rate
2x Customer Satisfaction
+% +% +%
The Challenge

Superkicks, a leading retailer of limited-edition sneakers, faced several challenges with its existing ecommerce platform during product drops:

Scaling Blockers and Limited Drops: The existing platform couldn't handle high volumes
of traffic, struggling with scalability and limiting their ability to handle concurrent traffic
during product drops. This caused only the first 60 customers to confirm orders, leading to
lost sales.

Bulk Upload Issues: Uploading large numbers of products created performance
bottlenecks, hindering customer access.

Inventory Sync Issue: Maintaining accurate inventory levels across the store and checkout
system was challenging, resulting in out-of-stock products being displayed during the
checkout process.

Traffic Surges: Sudden spikes in traffic overwhelmed the website, causing double or
negative orders.

To address these challenges, a thorough analysis of Superkicks' existing ecommerce setup was conducted. Key discoveries included:

Platform Limitations: The current platform was inadequate for handling high traffic volumes and complex inventory management.

Customer Frustration: Slow performance and checkout failures were leading to a poor customer experience and high cart abandonment rates.

Inefficient Processes: Manual processes were time-consuming and inefficient, contributing to operational delays.

Based on these findings, several key solutions were implemented:

Shopify Integration with FCFS and Raffle System: Superkicks was migrated to Shopify Plus, a more robust and scalable platform, including integrating the First Come First Serve (FCFS) and raffle systems to manage product drops more effectively.

Raffle System: A lottery-based checkout model was implemented to provide all customers with an equal chance to purchase limited-edition products, reducing the rush and rewarding loyal customers.

FCFS System: A system was enabled where products were held in the cart for a limited time, ensuring equal purchasing opportunities and reducing cart abandonment.
Bot Protection: Bot protection was added to ensure real customers could purchase products without interference.

Custom Backend Integrations: A custom backend system was developed for bulk uploads and inventory sync, ensuring accurate and real-time inventory levels.


The implemented solutions led to significant improvements in Superkicks' ecommerce operations:

Revenue Increase: Achieved a 10% improvement in revenue after migrating to Shopify Plus.

Seamless Inventory Syncing: Inventory levels are now synced flawlessly, reducing customer frustration and cart abandonment.

Enhanced Store Performance: The store now performs seamlessly with no crashes, even during high traffic periods.

Improved Sales and Accuracy: Sales and order accuracy increased by 10%, and order processing times decreased from 1 hour 30 minutes to just 10 minutes with the FCFS system.

Reduced Manual Work: Manual processes were streamlined, reducing the time required from 6 hours to just 2 minutes after the Shopify integration.

Superkicks is now better equipped to handle high-demand product drops and provide a superior shopping experience, driving sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

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